The Greatest Good

The “greatest good” and my personal desires are usually one and the same. In other words, since I always desire to do the most good, I'm never really selfish. The greatest good is the greatest amount of total overall good for everyone involved, not just me, and not just anyone else. But if one person is affected the worst or perhaps the most severely by whatever it is, then I might put that persons needs above others. A child's needs, because they are greater, would also often come before others.

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  1. One must put on a veil of ignorance to understand the concept of "greatest good." If your child had a problem that could be represented by a number ranging from 1-5 five being the worst...and your child was suffering from a 3 and another child, whom you did not know, was suffering @ 5...I am not saying picking your child is a bad thing by all means. Just that without looking through a veil of ignorance all intentions are subjective.