How Cosmic Radiation Affects Us

I feel as if I am dieing and being reborn at the same time, and there is a race within me between life and death. It is because of a crossing over in me, from darkness into light, and a raising of myself up from Hades that I feel this way. I'm changing for many reasons, but many of us are changing for the same reason: cosmic radiation.
Cosmic radiation is like the ambrosia of the gods. Cosmic radiation is ionized radiation, with the ability to affect our minds. Your mind is like a bundle of nerves that carry electrical charges. Cosmic rays are charged particles that can pass through normal matter, but affect other charged particles, like the plasma in your brain, or the ions in your mitochondria. In other words, it can affect our nervous and energy systems. For some people, that overload of power can cause strange or even insane behavior, but for some it can be extra brain power, like an ambrosia for the mind. After all, your body runs on hydrogen ions, and cosmic rays are mostly hydrogen ions. It is an energy that can help you or harm you. Some researchers say that the greatest strides in evolution came during times of the highest levels of cosmic radiation, while others speak of a risk for cancer. Both are possible, it just depends on you. Cosmic radiation causes mutation, and it can change your d.n.a. What most people don't realize is, how it changes it, is something you can influence. Good health, and lots of positively charged salts, such as magnesium, calcium, pottasium, and sodium, but not sodium-chloride(salt), can help protect you from the negative affects of this kind of radiation.

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